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  • His & Hers Blog
    His & Hers Blog
    His ad Hers a very very happy married couple. She is Hello Kitty…He is Stewie Griffen. Have you heard the story of the bird who fell in love with a fish. how did it survive? They made wings for the fish. That’s the way we are so different yet so in love and so happily […]
  • Halloum Blog
    Halloum Blog
    No it’s not the cheese…and it’s not my name. Naming my first blog was a really hard task. I wanted the name to reflect whatever this blog is going to be about. So since I`m in Kuwait, and everything in this blog will be a reflection of that fact, I chose this name because it […]
  • Almatrouk Blog
    Almatrouk Blog
    هُنا ألقي بالكثير من الأفكار المُختلفة، وأضعها في سلّة الحياة، لعلّ أحدهم يقتطفها في لحظة ما .. مدونتي هي المساحة الأكثر رحابة في حياتي، فمنها أصبحت كاتباً روائياً ومنها تمكنت من العودة لعالم القلم..
  • AdCultures Blog
    AdCultures Blog
    A blog belongs to Marketer, Advertiser, Freelance graphic designer with an eye for simplicity.
  • 7ajiDude Blog
    7ajiDude Blog
    We are three very different individuals (7aji, Dude and Dudette). We have three different backgrounds and views on life. All of us live and work in Kuwait. Some of us tend to travel a lot and some of us tend to stay in Kuwait. We always have opinions and experiences that we share amongs ourselves […]
  • 2 Like ‘n’ Hate Blog
    2 Like ‘n’ Hate Blog
    This is a blog about how i feel about stuff around me, it either pisses me off or makes me a happier man. That’s just not it and i know my opinions will not really matter to you; so added some other things that may be of interest to you. Read it, you may like […]
  • Blog37 Blog
    Blog37 Blog
    You may be wondering, why the name “Blog37″? “Blog” represents the blog, of course!! “37″.. well, now this is a very long story but I’ll cut it short. This whole 37 story began back in late 2000, where this number -37- started chasing me wherever I go and in whatever I do, and since I […]
  • 360 Dewan Blog
    360 Dewan Blog
    How did 360dewan evolve? We want to write about anything, so we wanted to call the blog “Anything goes” but it was taken, then we thought of “The Zone” but it was taken as well, then we thought of “The Dewan” but we didn’t really like it since it was not unique. Finally we thought […]
  • The Side Talk Blog
    The Side Talk Blog
    A random girl who loves life, fun and outgoing, goofy at most..I spend my time shopping, hanging out with friends, browsing, blogging, and experiencing new stuff..I try to keep myself busy with different things everyday and I love it!
  • Froyo Nation Blog
    Froyo Nation Blog
    this blog talks about both local and international news , events, music, technology, design in all of its forms, fashion, food, you name it! Diversity is what makes life interesting. That’s about it. Enjoy reading.. And make your life routine-free.
  • Q8 Rain Blog
    Q8 Rain Blog
    I love the freedom of speech and that there are those who can hear your opinions and suggestions, in the past I used to work as a journalism but after I changing my field to marketing i missed writing and critique things so I decided to started my own blog to write about my daily […]
  • Q8 Blend Blog
    Q8 Blend Blog
    They Call us “The Blend’s” We are 3 Kuwaiti engineers sharing our minds with the world, its basically Kuwait out & about all mixed up in a “BLENDER”.
  • Fereej Blog
    Fereej Blog
    Fereej is a Kuwaiti word which means a neighborhood, the blog talks about the latest updates and the last gossips, the different thing here is that gossips according to us doesn’t exist! We either site our information or back it up from a trustworthy source, or we also deny gossips from a specific source. The […]
  • Icarus Blog
    Icarus Blog
    I’m a Kuwaiti Pyrography artist, Father of two great boys, Sulaiman & Abdulaziz, I’m an ex-mariner i have been sailing around the world for 15 years, now I’m settled in Kuwait and became interested in saving marine life in Kuwait, I’m a member of the diving team of the Kuwait Environment Protection Society.
  • Fai9alr Blog
    Fai9alr Blog
    A simple guy with great passion to be active in life … To be remembered in future.. Am here to mark my existence in this small Village. Am Young, yet i have experience in life.
  • Blogyac Blog
    Blogyac Blog is a group of young writers who have come together to provide abstract viewpoints and relatable information to the masses. We seek to capture the essence of the Kuwaiti youth in an array of posts ranging from intellectual topics to current news and local events. Our blog is updated daily, so check in whenever, […]
  • LadyB Blog
    LadyB Blog
    There is a place, like no place on Earth. A land full of fashion, style and wonder.
  • 7abitain Blog
    7abitain Blog
    7abitainBLOG is place where we will give you a smile on your face when you read our blog, 7abitainBLOG isn’t the word you thinking of.. 7abitainBLOG has 2 meanings (2 users, 2 bloggers)
  • Q8GIZMO Blog
    Q8GIZMO Blog
    The contributor at Q8GIZMO comes from a technical background (engineering). passionate about technology and gadgets. The Blog’s target to provide useful and simple information/reviews (our reviews) about gadgets, apps, games and technology trends to all people, especially consumers. the information provided are unbiased and original. we don’t share/post rumors or copy/paste from foreign websites and […]
  • Crowsy Blog
    Crowsy Blog
    The blog is about everything in Kuwait and in the world.. nothing specific!
  • The Triple F Blog
    The Triple F Blog
    I am a lover of fashion, food, movies & people who make me laugh. The Triple F stand for fashion, food & fun. In this blog I will be writing about things I like and find interesting, Also I will provide you with tips and reviews about online shopping.
  • Q8LOL Blog
    Q8LOL Blog
    A Blog about everything. just to make you smile.
  • Kuwaitiful Blog
    Kuwaitiful Blog
    A blog with a little of everything from food reviews to nerdy technology.
  • Q8 All In One Blog
    Q8 All In One Blog
    I am a Kuwaiti guy who is willing to find news and cool subjects here in Kuwait and the rest of the world. I believe in sharing information and giving the opportunity for new ideas that might interest the readers. I like provoking a conversation, rather than reporting on topics as a journalist, and also […]
  • Red Sonja Blog
    Red Sonja Blog
    This blog is about everything and anything that goes around me, my country, and the world!
  • Under The Kuwaiti Sun Blog
    Under The Kuwaiti Sun Blog
    A personal blog from a young Kuwaiti teenager, Abdulwahab Alhajji, sharing opinions on pop culture icons/phenomenons and general life issues (life in Kuwait to be specific). It is also a diary in which he shares the interesting experiences he has during his daily life. Occasionally, he features projects he likes or interviews people he finds […]
  • ChapterQ8 Blog
    ChapterQ8 Blog
    We are four friends Bahar, Hadhoud, Rasha and Ahmed who out of the blue decided to create a blog to share what we see and hear everyday. The name chapterq8 came to be after sessions of squeezing our head?s out and in short, the concept of Chapterq8 as it implies comes from any type of […]
  • Bloglaish Blog
    Bloglaish Blog
    بعد العديد من الاجتماعات والوقت الطويل في التفكير في إنشاء مدونتنا الخاصة، وجدنا أنفسنا أننا بحاجة إلى التميز ، فعشقنا لإنشاء مدونة جعلنا بالفعل نبحث عن شي مختلف عن باقي المدونات التقليدية ، فأننا لا نقلل من أهمية تلك المدونات بل نحن من متابعيها بشكل يومي ولكن أردنا ان نجعل مدونتنا متميزة ومختصة في مجال […]
  • Meenakon Blog
    Meenakon Blog
    أكون اسم اخذ حاجز بحياتي وعاش معي لحظة بلحظة اسم يحمل لي معاني الفرح اسم لـقراتة تتعجب من هي من أكون , من اكون انسانة طيبة تحب المرح وتكرة الحزن، شعاري هو الاسد و في الحياة لذلك أخترتة رمز استخدمة بكل مكان.
  • Omarker Blog
    Omarker Blog
    وُجِدَت هذه الفكرة.. حيث انني سأنقل انطباعي عن تجربتي لبعض الاماكن التي ازورها او اتعرض لها في حياتي .. و اترك لكم المجال لعرض اراؤكم.. و بعد التقييم لي و لكم سأحرص على ايصال النتيجة الى صاحب العلاقه او المسؤولين في المكان.. رغبةً منا بالنهوض بالمستوى الموجود و المحافظة على جودة الافضل في السوق.
  • HiKuwait Blog
    HiKuwait Blog
    لدي أحلام كبيرة .. كبيرة جداً ، بدأت أحلامي منذ أن كنت في صفوف المرحلة المتوسطة حتى الآن .. هي نفس الأحلام ونفس الأهداف .. قد تحققت بعضها بسهولة ، والبعض الآخر تحقق بعد عناء ولا تزال هناك أهداف لم تتحقق حتى الآن ، بالطبع كل شخص يواجه الكثير من الصعوبات والعقبات ، ولكن كل […]
  • 3aMaKoR Blog
    3aMaKoR Blog
    3aMaKoR Blog: Is A Colorful Taste, Talking About Nothing & Everything ;D

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